Our Summer Swim Lessons Develop Happy, Confident Swimmers

Students enjoy their swimming class in our specially designed outdoor teaching pool. We keep our heated pool at a very comfortable 90 degrees and the pool depth ranges from 18" - 4' deep. Our caring teachers make sure your children learn respect for the water while developing their swimming skills.

swimming02Swim School

Swimming lessons begin in May and go through August. We dedicate one teacher per four students to insure that each student gets plenty of attention.

When determining which level class to sign up for, parents, please be safe and resist the natural impulse to place your child into a "higher" group. If your child is between two levels, or you're unsure of their water competency, please place your child in the lower level. This wise approach will not hinder their progress, as our small groups allow for individual attention. Not honoring this philosophy can be dangerous, traumatic to your child, and disruptive to the instructor, making teaching very difficult.

Class Descriptions

18 Months to 4 Yrs

Swim Buddies: Adult participation for children 18 months to 36 months. Children learn to be safe & comfortable in the water through the use of songs and games.

Goldfish: Children 3 & 4 yrs who have little or no swimming experience and cannot dunk whole head under water. They will learn & develop beginning swimming skills, which include floating and front & back kicking with support.

Sunfish: Children 3 & 4 yrs who happily dunk their whole head underwater. They can also float and kick with a kickboard or other hand held flotation device. They will build on the beginning skills already mastered and begin learning front crawl & backstroke.

Seahorse: Children 3 & 4 yrs who have previous lessons and have instructor recommendation or director permission. They must be comfortable using a kickboard alone, as well as floating unassisted. They are ready to focus on backstroke and front crawl with rhythmic breathing.     

5 Yrs to 10 Yrsswimming03

Jellyfish: Children 5 yrs to 10 yrs who have limited swimming experience and/or are hesitant in deep water. They will learn floating and kicking with support.

Starfish: Children 5 yrs to 10 yrs who are able to go under water comfortably in deep water. They must also be able to kick with a kickboard alone in deep water, and float on their front and back unassisted. Swimmers will learn front crawl arms, rhythmic breathing & backstroke.

Dolphin: Children 5 yrs to 10 yrs who are able to do front crawl and backstroke alone. They will learn front crawl with rhythmic breathing and beginning butterfly.

Open Swimming

Open Swim Times: The BGS pool is open for open swim on Mon,Tue, Wed, Thur from 3:30—4:45. The cost of the open swim is $5 per swimmer. Children under 3yrs are free with a paid adult in the water.

Open Swim runs June 1 -August 6.

If your student swam with us in the past, and you wish to know what level they are recommended for  please log in to your customer portal, click the “My Students” tab, and then click “Student Skills/Levels” tab.

Private Lessons

Check with a BGS Swim Director to schedule them. Privates are $25/half hour.  A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $10 per private lesson is required when booking. These lessons will be available June 3rd thru August 8th.
Please note: If BGS has to cancel a private lesson, the lesson may be re-scheduled if a spot is available.

Swim Diapers

It is mandatory that parents equip all nonpotty trained or potty training children in swim diapers.